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Live Longer AND Healthier! - Although we live longer, most people do not live healthier. Sickness and serious diseases are overwhelming our society and one out of three people will get cancer. How many people do you know with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, auto-immune diseases including fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and countless others? How many children to you know with birth defects or who suffer with autism or other childhood ailments that used to be uncommon?

People in the natural health community and many health professionals including MDs have stated that our breakthrough immune system modulation and cellular detoxification product is the most exciting product ever created and may well be the most powerful disease prevention nutraceutical available. Keep reading and learn more and be sure to get our FREE Ebook. Arm yourself with this vital information because the life you save with this product, could be your own!

Our Breakthrough Immune Product

having a healthy immune system is vital

Powerful antioxidant superfood
Promotes optimum body alkalization
Safely removes heavy metals & toxins
Modulates and optimizes the immune system
Documented anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties
Rapid response recovery for damaged immune systems

slow down the aging process Slow down the aging process - Aging is directly related to a properly functioning immune system that helps protect the quality of our DNA and the proper functioning of our body. When your immune system can't handle everything being thrown at it, all the systems in your body begin to play a different tune and your body stops functioning properly as an organism.

This is NOT theory. Medical science understands how this works and is striving to fix the problems but our bodies are very complex organisms and our current health paradigm focuses on managing and curing diseases instead of prevention. It is important to protect our health and stop health challenges BEFORE they happen because they multiply and lead to poor life quality and a shorter life.

stop making cancer Cancer - Cancer rates continue to increase worldwide and current treatments focus on destruction of existing cancer cells. This new product helps mobilize and perfect our body's immune system plus remove many heavy metals and toxins and optimize the PH level of our blood and tissues. All of these items are part of the cancer puzzle and can help in the fight against existing and future cancers and many serious diseases. Persons with a family history of cancer or who have previously had cancer, would be wise to learn about this product and should consider adding it to their nutritional regimen. Persons currently undergoing cancer treatment may find this product helpful in maximizing the beneficial effect of radiation and chemotherapy treatments and in minimizing the side effects of those treatments.

Toxins in You - If you have been exposed to lots of heavy metals or toxins, you may want to detox for over a year since they come out of your body very slowly as your body redistributes the load. This is especially true for the brain, since these products do not cross the blood:brain barrier.

toxins all around us Many careers expose people to high levels of toxins including the military, fire men, mechanics, dentist, dental technicians, hair stylists and manicurists. If you have been exposed to first hand or second hand cigarette smoke, you have absorbed lots of cadmium. If you have had lots of dental work done you probably have absorbed lots of mercury and if you use deodorant you absorbed aluminum. Many people also have high levels of arsenic in their body that they absorbed from touching pressure treated wood on decks and picnic tables.

You are surrounded by toxins that your body inadvertently absorbs and many of those toxins can only be safely removed by our products.

Your Immune System - Your immune system is meant to stop disease and keep your body in a state of optimum health and slow down the aging process. Our immune system can become overloaded by heavy metals and toxins which accumulate in our body. Our product does a great job of safely removing these items from your body which unburdens the immune system so it can do its job. That is how it works in your body and it is why almost all health challenges are positively affected by it, usually with no side effects.

"I am a cancer survivor but have had many health challenges since the chemotherapy treatments and have suffered constant dizziness since getting off Xanax which I took for many years. I never thought I could feel good again, but after only 5 weeks I feel great and the dizziness is almost gone. I have been amazed at what has come out of my body and thank GOD for this product." Natalie M. - San Diego

immune breakthrough testimonials "Only three weeks and a skin growth I was getting very concerned about shrunk and is gone. I don't know if it was cancerous or not but I'm sure it would have had to be surgically removed with pain and scarring. Your product saved me from that. Thanks!" Donna E. - Crescent Beach, Florida

"Many years of severe sinus infections complicated by severe fibromyalgia had me almost incapacitated. I have taken your product for six weeks and I have my life back! This is a "miracle product" and everybody needs to know about it!" Cindy S. - Jacksonville, Florida

"Your immune products are the only treatment I know of that has been effective on Lichen Planus and Geographic Tongue, which many of my dental patients have. Lichen Planus is considered an auto-immune disease and it can progress into oral cancer. These are really important products and I hope more health care providers learn about them." Lindy B. - California

"Two weeks on your wonderful product and our 14 year old border collie, Gertie, has the energy of a puppy! We feared she was on her last legs and was listless and had no appetite for weeks until we tried your "Miracle Product"!" Bob and Julie J. - St. Augustine, Florida

"Severe back pain was ruining my life and I tried everything. A friend recommend I try your immune breakthrough product and in two days the pain was 80% better. I guess nerve inflammation could have been causing the pain and your product took care of it, I don't know. I do know that this stuff is incredible and I tell everyone about it." Jan B. - Milwaukee, MN

disclaimer Disclaimer of Disease Cure or Prevention - It is important to note that although these products can be very beneficial for persons concerned about cancer and other diseases, these products are for the health and longevity of the entire body and are not presented as a cure or prevention for cancer or any other disease. Only FDA approved drugs can make claims of disease cure or prevention and these products are nutraceuticals, they are NOT drugs, and we make no claims of disease cure or prevention.

We Are NOT Doctors - We are not doctors and are NOT providing treatments or health care or medical advice. The statements on this website are for educational purposes and we recommend you consult with your doctor before changing or eliminating any drugs or treatments you are taking.

You have finally found it - Products that are needed by everyone who demands excellent health, slow aging and long life. Proven products that are anchored with science and have thousands of dramatic testimonials. Products that bridge the gap between conventional medicine and holistic medicine and are recommended by many top MDs plus the natural health community.

satisfaction guaranteed We make it easy and affordable to enjoy better health and wealth with these incredible products. While you do have the choice to be a Retail Customer, you may want to consider becomeing a Preferred Customer on autoship which allows you to receive wholesale pricing, or you can help us spread the word and earn a nice income by becoming a distributor. Every distributor can take advantage of the business opportunity that pays out a generous commission and puts real income in the hands of real people. There are 3 ways to join, depending on your level of excitement; choose the one that's right for you!

There's no risk with our 30-day money back guarantee. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you two free Ebooks with information on our wonderful health product and how you can enjoy time and financial freedom helping us market this product. You can also give us a call and get your questions answered or contact us by email or Skype.

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mailbox money
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immune breakthrough - live longer and healthier ebook
Over 30 years of research and human trials have produced a unique immune breakthrough product that has helped thousands of people achieve a higher level of health, many of them with serious health challenges that conventional medicine could not help. We have thousands of testimonials from people suffering with many types of health challenges including auto-immune diseases and various types of cancer. Many health professionals consider this product to be the #1 disease prevention product available. If you would like to live longer and healthier, you need this product!

Our Ebook explains the inner workings of this amazing health product which is also a great income opportunity since it is sold ONLY by direct marketing and IS NOT available in stores.

Your Plan-B Ebook

"Your Plan-B - Escape the Rat Race... Work When, Where & With Whom You Choose... Have Time and Financial Freedom" This Ebook is a captivating 48 page Ebook by two home business experts, John Milton Fogg and Ted Nuyten. You will want to read this Ebook again and again so you can understand why the direct marketing industry has produced so many wealthy people and to answer the many questions and myths associated with this industry.

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